The KNWLDGE = PWR Workshop Series is a knowledge transfer initiative started as an additional benefit to empower athletes through knowledge.

The first workshop in the series will be an introduction to working with your female physiology to be able to train harder, recover optimally and perform better.

The workshop will be presented by Carol Anthony and Antoinette Kriel, both competitive athletes. Carol is a qualified nutritionist and Antoinette is an assistant coach at The Bar S&C Gym.

The workshop is aimed at competitive and recreational athletes of all ages. It will be an interactive experience introducing:

  • training considerations
  • recovery considerations
  • nutrition and hydration considerations

against the backdrop of hormonal changes that occur at various stages in a woman’s life.

Since the subject matter is vast, the aim of the workshop is to give you an overview understanding of these areas, dispel some myths, and take home some practical steps to start the process of working with your physiology.

Since we believe every female athlete should be able to benefit from this information, each person who signs up is invited to bring a friend at half price.

Each participant will also be sent an e-workbook that can be used for taking notes on the day.

To sign up please enter below. Due to COVID regulations we will only accept a limited number of participants, so don’t delay.