Alex, a world class dancer is one of our clients. When all dance competitions in 2020 were cancelled as a result of COVID, Alex decided to make the most of the time she had to improve her strength. She started to train the Weight Lifting and in no time had mastered the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. Alex also decided to compete in a few shows including Body Beautiful, IBFF World Cup and IFBB Summer Bodies. She is the most hard working athlete, 100% committed and passionate about her training.

Alex competed in Body Beautiful in 2 divisions. She wowed the virtual audience with her unbelievable dance skills and also entered the Fitness Model division. A few short weeks later Alex entered her first Weight Lifting competition where she Snatched 46kg and Clean and Jerked 57kg at only 51.5kg body weight. The same night she was awarded first place in Dance Fitness and 2nd in Fitness Model, also taking the overall title at the Body Beautiful Virtual Show 2020. A week later she once again wowed everyone with her amazing dance talent and took 1st place in Sports Model at IBFF World Cup.She then made top 6 (and placed 6th) in Bikini Fitness at IFBB Summer Bodies,

Alex turned a challenging year into an extremely successful one and we are so proud of her as her coaches. Alex your dedication and hard work has paid off. There is so much more to come. Alex would like to compete in Powerlifting in 2021, where she also has a very bright future. She also hopes to be able to dance competitively again in 2021, COVID permitting, which is her first love. Watch this amazing athlete, she is going places.

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